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Gatwick Staff Discount Card

The way to go for great savings

If you work at Gatwick Airport, then you may be eligible to buy a Gatwick Staff Discount Card.With this card you can benefit from discounted train tickets on from your home station to Gatwick Airport.

What is the Gatwick Staff Discount Card?

The Gatwick Staff Discount Card is a local Railcard which enables staff based at Gatwick Airport to buy discounted train tickets within a defined area. The scheme is exclusively for active staff of Gatwick Airport, and offers big savings on travel in the area.


You can use the Gatwick Staff Discount Card for discounted Season tickets from your home station to Gatwick Airport, or individual tickets for work and leisure within the card area. Your home station can be any of those shown on the card area map.


Cards purchased on or before 1 September 2012 will also be eligible for discounted parking at specified train stations.


Prices and Validity

Annual card: 105

Valid for one year


Quarterly card: 29

Valid for a three-month period


Ticket validityThe validity of any season or train ticket must be covered by the validity of the discount card.




How to qualify for your Discount Card

We have over 700 companies in the scheme, and you will need to select your employer from a drop-down list during the online application process. To apply for a Gatwick Staff Discount Card your employment must be based at Gatwick Airport, and you must have either:


Valid photo identification, in the form of:

  • Gatwick photo identification card (with unique identification number)
  • or Rail photocard




Proof of employment status, in the form of:

  • Gatwick photo identification card
  • or A letter from your employer on headed paper verifying your status as a staff member


Your Gatwick Staff Discount Card will have your staff identification or rail photocard number on it. If you do not have valid photo identification and proof of employment status, you will not be able to collect your discount card, even if you have paid for your discount card online.


Both the Gatwick Staff Discount Card and discounted tickets bought using the Card are non-transferrable, and may not be used by anyone but the Card Holder (you).

How to get your Discount Card

Purchasing your Gatwick Staff Discount Card couldn’t be easier now that you can buy online. To do this, you will need to:


  1. Register online at, if you have not yet done, register online now
  2. Login to your online account at
  3. Complete the online application process and pay for your discount card online
  4. Take your booking reference number, photo identification and proof of employment status to the Southern train ticket desk landside in the South Terminal to collect your discount card


Once you have your Gatwick Staff Discount Card you can purchase your discounted train tickets from any station within the card area upon presentation of the card and your photo identification.




Using your discount card

When traveling you must carry with you:

  • Your discounted train tickets
  • Gatwick Staff Discount Card
  • Gatwick Airport Staff Photo ID, or Rail Photocard ID
  • Proof of employment letter if you do not have a Gatwick Airport Staff Photo ID


What tickets can I buy for rail travel?


You can buy:

  • Season tickets: Weekly, Monthly, and any other period up to the expiry date of your Gatwick Staff Discount Card. The origin station must be your home station (which will be printed on your Gatwick Staff Discount Card). Annual Season tickets bought with the Gatwick Staff Discount Card do not qualify for Annual Gold Cards and will be issued on Grey ticket stock.
  • Singles, Returns, and Day Return tickets
  • First Class and Standard Class tickets
  • Anytime, Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak tickets

You cannot buy:

  • Any ticket for use on an Oyster card
  • Travelcards or London Underground tickets
  • Add-on fares for any bus services or events admission
  • Train tickets for travel outside of the area map
  • Train tickets that have an expiry date after the expiry date of the Gatwick Staff Discount Card


Tickets can be purchased for travel on Southern, South West Trains, First Capital Connect, Southeastern, First Great Western, and London Overground services. If your Gatwick Staff Discount Card was issued on or after 2 September 2012 you can also buy discounted train tickets for travel on Gatwick Express.


You cannot use your Gatwick Staff Discount Card for travel outside of the stations shown on the Area Map, or after the expiry date of your Card. Restrictions apply to selected stations, which are included in the discount for through tickets only and not for travel within these small areas.




Replacing Lost Cards

If a Gatwick Staff Discount Card is lost only one replacement will be considered within any two-year period provided an application for a duplicate card is submitted immediately, and a reasonable explanation is provided.


It is recommended that you insure your card, as a duplicate ticket is not an entitlement. A 20 administration fee will be charged for issuing the replacement.


There will be no refunds given on the Gatwick Staff Discount Card.